Wholesale/trade: Nankhatai, Salted caramel

Specifically for wholesale and trade use we have created our beautiful Nankhatai kraft packs and tins along with our delicious Salted Caramel Sauce.

The 150g Nankhatai tins simply look stunning on a retail shelf, with beautiful floral mandala labels in a range of eye-catching colours that compliment the contents flavour.

The 100g Nankhatai kraft packs are an minimalist design with the same, bright eye-catching labels to compliment the contents flavour.

The Nankhatai themselves are delectable shortbreads that are hand-made in small batches with a balanced blend of spices. Perfect to enjoy with friends and a freshly brewed cup of chai.

A beautiful combination of light shortbread, wonderful flavours and finished with a warm hint is spice, our range includes:

  • Almond & Cranberry
  • Almond & Pistachio
  • Chai Spice
  • Cocoa & Vanilla
  • Orange & Ginger
  • Peanut Butter
  • Rose & Cardamom

Our delicious salted caramel sauce can be enjoyed with a multitude of desserts. The 190g jar is wrapped in the signature eye-catching floral mandala logo which is instantly recognizable on a retail shelf. This sauce has a delightful, smooth texture and luxurious, creamy taste, but better still it is so versatile in its use, customers simply won’t be able to get enough.


ChinsKitchen’s luxury Indian Inspired cake range is the perfect choice for restaurants, cafes and food establishments who are looking for a more exclusive dessert to offer customers. Using a unique approach and flair for creativity we have taken popular Indian desserts such as Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa and Barfi, and transformed them into decedent cakes without compromising the traditional authentic taste.

Our range of signature cakes are a perfect balance of sweetness, flavour and spice. Each one is beautifully decorated with ganache or buttercream and finished with a stunning display of either, nuts, fresh fruit or edible flowers. These cakes truly are a luxurious feast for the eyes and make an exquisite display in any dessert cabinet.

Each cake is freshly handmade to order in our in-house bakery, using only the finest quality ingredients. We are able to cater for food intolerances (including egg-free) and we are happy to offer dessert consultations should you require help in selecting cakes to compliment your menu.

Desserts consultations.

Selecting a menu that is appealing to all pallets and reflective of your establishments unique qualities can often be a daunting experience. Whether you are a restaurant, café or food hall, tempting customers with an exclusive, delectable menu is the key to success.

Our dessert consultations offer guidance on dessert options and give advice on how to balance dessert flavours to compliment your existing menu. We also factor in dessert popularity, seasonality and we can make dessert recommendations to coincide with popular Indian festivals and celebrations. Through our experience and understanding of flavours, we work with you to enhance your dessert menu offering.

Catering Service.

We all love a celebration whatever the occasion, and when you think about it, it’s often the food that people remember. Our range of Vegetarian Indian Street Food Canapes are perfect from birthdays and small parties. Through collaboration with Cheeky Food Company we have developed a range of delicious, traditional vegetarian party food, dips and desserts that tingle the taste buds and get the party started, a party that everyone will remember.

Chinskitchen & Cheeky Food Co.


Catering Menu:

Savoury Dishes

  • Chilli Paneer on skewers – Sweet, Sour & Spicy chilli paneer on a skewer, 3 pieces of paneer with 2 pieces of peppers – V, GF
  • BhelPuri – Crunchy delicious Indian street food, bhelpuri, made of cruncky puffed rice and roasted peanuts, served in a beautiful boat shaped bowl – topped with onions, tomatoes, chutneys and coriander leaves – V, VG, GF
  • Papdichaat – Crunchy homemade wheat crackers, served with spicy potato mix, topped with an array of chutneys and cool yoghurt – 2 piece per guest – V (VG option available)
  • Dhokla – Semolina & turmeric savoury cakes served with green coriander chutney and fresh coconut – 1 circular piece (approximately 4 bites) per guest – V
  • Spiced Idlis – Lentil & Rice Flour savoury cakes, pan-fried with mustard seeds, chopped onions and chilli’s, served with green coriander chutney – 4 bite-sized pieces per guest – V, VG, GF
  • Dahipuri – Puffed wheat balloons stuffed with spiced potato mash and topped with sweet, sour, tangy and spicy chutneys and sev – 2 pieces per guest – V (VG option available)
  • Hara-bhara kebab – A baked kebab (patty) made from chicpeas, mashed potato, spinach and coriander leaves – served with green coriander chutney – 2 pieces per guest – V, VG, GF
  • BatataVada – Mix spiced potato & gram flour balls, fried and served with sweet-sour tamarind chutney – V, VG, GF
  • Lentil Pakoras – Kenyan style, Mungdaal/lentil fritters, served with coriander chutney – V, VG, GF
  • Mini Vegetarian Samosa (2 pieces pp)- mix vegetable samosa served with tamarind chutney- V


  • Coconut & Pistachio Lemon Posset – British classic posset with an Indian twist, double-cream based – served in mini shot glasses – V (NF option available)
  • White Chocolate Chai crumble topped with ginger cookies – served in mini shot glasses – V
  • Spiced brownie with salted caramel – one piece per guest – V (GF option available)
  • Shrikhand pots– creamy Indian dessert made with hung curd, delicately infused with warm spices and topped with fruit compote or pomegranate and nuts – served in Mini shot glass – V
  • Assorted Nan-Khatai – 3 pieces per guest – V



  • £10 per person – Choose any 4 savoury + 1 dessert of your choice and Nankhatai
  • £10 per person – Choose any 6 savoury of your choice – no dessert
  • £15 per person – Choose any 6 savoury + 1 dessert of your choice and Nankhatai
  • £15 per person – Choose any 8 savoury of your choice – no dessert
  • £20 per person – Choose any 7 savoury + 2 desserts of your choice and nankhatai
  • £20 per person – Choose any 10 savoury + 1 dessert of your choice


Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum order quantity for 25 guests
  • 50% deposit at the time of booking.
  • Remaining 50% on delivery.
  • All prices include VAT
  • Delivery charged depending on area, will be communicated clearly to client at the time of booking.
  • Free collection available from West London
  • If customer requires preparation on site (eg serving bhelpuri on boats, heating food to optimum temperature etc), extra charges of £25 per hour.
  • All food will be freshly prepared using only the best quality ingredients and healthy methods of preparation.


Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding the menu or would like to discuss the options with us, please contact us on –

Codes used

V – Vegetarian   VG – Vegan   GF – Gluten Free     NF – Nut Free

Thank you

We deliver the party food to your location and undertake final presentation preparations before leaving you to appreciate the lovely delicacies and enjoy the party.


"Chintal I would like to thank you for making such a beautiful birthday cake for our mum's special day. We were pleasantly surprised how you customised the minute details with the fresh flowers.  Your talent truly impressed us with such a masterpiece. We look forward to having you create another work of art for our next family event. Not forgetting to mention how delicious the cake was - truly scrumptious."


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